Authority Requests & Data Services

ARS – A system for handling the exchange of data and providing services in relation to the supervisory authorities of the banking sector. The system enables a fully automated process for handling subsidy allocation and accounting processes, as well as automatic, comprehensive reporting and the provision of legally required services to customers of a bank.

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ARS is a modern solution that implements collection processes in accordance with the legal regulations, enables the processing of the reporting required by the STIR regulations and assists the Bank in dealing with requests from the National Tax Administration (KAS )in the field. ARS cooperates with the IT systems of the National Clearing House (KIR) in the following areas: Ognivo, STIR and CI, which allows for: exchange of data on bank account holders and notifications related to the implementation of administrative enforcement and debt recovery; mandatory reporting to the KAS; processing of account freezes caused by both administrative decisions of the KAS and seizures by writ of execution; processing of requests from authorised bodies related to accounts managed by banks.

Main features
  • Limiting legal and financial banking risk: automating the process of identifying accounts and classifying assets and income is minimised
  • Financial liability of the Bank after electronic delivery of the instruction
  • Increasing customer satisfaction and optimising the process of processing debtors‘ accounts: it ensures the automation of the release of blocked funds and the processes connected with the preparation of responses to the authorised bodies‘ requests concerning debtors‘ and testators‘ accounts. It also allows for the gradual graduation of procedures, with particular emphasis on procedures relating to maintenance and invalidity pensions.
  • Automatic recalculation of the KWZ and compounding
  • Support for all types of electronic enforcement letters
  • Automatic processing of recurring claims such as pensions or alimony
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