Core Banking System

Customers today are open-minded – the willingness to change banks increases – as soon as their current bank does not meet their requirements. Often, rapid implementation of customer requirements fails due to historically grown organisational structures or limiting IT systems. The core banking system – the heart of modern banking – should not stand in the way of your customers‘ dynamic wishes. Use adesso banking solutions with a wide range of business services (API) to enable a fast integration with existing or new applications. The inherent product factory enables you to manage your product portfolio efficiently and launch products at a rapid pace.

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CB offers efficient and reliable transaction processing with a wide range of flexibly defined banking products and services. The customer-centric design and extensive, service-oriented (SOA) integration options fully support the paradigm of the omnichannel architecture. CB is the comprehensive core banking solution that is capable of processing a wide range of banking profiles: Private and corporate banking, mortgage, universal banking, automotive and cooperative banking. It is highly scalable, so that even large banking organisations can be supported while running fully around the clock. CB can be deployed as a traditional on-premise installation or as a SaaS model.

  • Product and price factories (hierarchical structure of products with inheritance of attributes, independent definition of product and price)
  • Extensible customer information file (complete set of customer data with the possibility of extensions)
  • Multi-level limit control (control of customer credit limits at every level: contract, multi-purpose line and customer group)
  • System-wide 4-eyes principle (4EP can be activated for any business objects in the entire system)
  • Flexible access rights of the operator (access to customer data is controlled on several levels)
  • Archiving of business data (moving business data to the archive database after the retention period)
  • Automation of batch processing (automation of processes with high data volume)
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