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The third generation of the e-banking system. Internet banking solutions for private customers provide a comprehensive platform capable of managing multiple accounts (all types of bank accounts as well as credit card accounts), multiple currencies and multiple languages. It supports all types of requests, all types of transfers of funds (within the bank, to other banks and overseas transfers), all types of invoice payments and purchases, and offers users practical features such as an overall view of customers‘ financial data and highly flexible user-defined personalisation. A coherent solution for Internet and mobile banking. Integration of the bank’s communication channels, regardless of the devices used by the customer. Easy customisation of functionality to meet individual needs and user expectations.

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Extensive functionalities for your customers. From accounts, deposits, debit and credit card services and insurance to domestic and international payments. In order to fully satisfy the offer, Mobile Banking offers innovative solutions such as Apple / Google Pay, Blik and possibilities to use biometric methods for authentication and authorisation. The core of the system is a state-of-the-art platform that enables online access to business products and services. The platform provides an innovative ecosystem of mini-applications and allows easy selection of banking products offered over the Internet. This solution helps to improve the quality of customer service and is an essential tool for any bank to achieve competitive advantage.

Main features
  • A range of mini-applications based on microservices (user interface adapted to the number of customer groups based on AngularJS), available in boutique
  • multidimensional segmentation, multibranding
  • Online account openings
  • All types of invoicing and invoice payment
  • All types of recharges and purchases
  • Full range of online transfers within and between banks: SKN, RTGS, shared ATM networks, SWIFT
  • Personalisation functions such as: Favourite transactions, managing account visibility, managing your own limits, nicknames for accounts, warnings, etc.
  • Multi-channel event-based notifications or alerts (email and SMS)
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