Card Management

The growing use of cards as a means of payment requires financial institutions to adopt increasingly agile management mechanisms, while at the same time providing more and more comprehensive functions to their customers. Take advantage of adesso banking solutions which can be tailored to the needs of each customer (customer-specific development capability) and thus adapt to the specific requirements of each company. Due to the modular character of our system it is completely independent of a core bank in its operation, but can be easily integrated into it.

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Customised solutions
Accelerated market introduction
VISA – and MasterCard
Reduced operating costs
Different currencies


The CM (Card Management) system is a modern, universal and comprehensive tool for managing payment cards in the bank, covering the entire life cycle of the cards. The advanced model of fee/commission accounting allows flexible definition of card products. The elaborated management module enables efficient management of the system configuration, users and their authorisations, as well as the creation of the necessary reports and statistics. The CM helps issuers to easily design new card products and new programme features to align with new marketing initiatives and to accelerate time to market, even in existing environments. CM supports from the simplest to the most complex product types, including combinations of card products and card products with different accounts, such as savings, cheque, deposit accounts and others.

Main features
  • Managing the entire life cycle of a card by supporting the processes associated with the payment card at every stage of its life
  • Variety of supported card products thanks to the handling of personalised and non-personalised cards issued to accounts of different types (debit, credit and debit cards) and in different currencies (PLN, currency and multi-currency cards)
  • Support for VISA and MasterCard products
  • Interaction with multiple authorisation centres
  • Automation of business processes to reduce operating costs
  • The extended fee and commission accounting mode allows the implementation of the commission policy applied in the bank
  • Efficient configuration of the machine, users and authorisations in the management module
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