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An essential component of efficient reporting is the correct preparation of the reporting process. By planning the individual steps and establishing rules, it is possible to increase efficiency, improve quality and reduce the costs of reporting. CMR offers you comprehensive support for an independent reporting process, starting with the transfer of data from source systems, through support for the process of data transformation to an output layout and ending with the presentation of the results in the form and layout desired by the report recipient.

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Asseco CMR is an advanced solution for efficient reporting in an ever-changing business environment. It is typically used for mandatory reporting to market supervisory authorities such as the European Banking Authority (EBA), national central banks, guarantee funds, financial supervisory authorities and stock exchanges, as well as for both periodic management reporting. The system ensures full support of the entire reporting process, starting with data retrieval from different source systems, through the process of data conversion into the output format, to the presentation of the results in the form and layout requested by the report recipient.

With a proven track record of dozens of successful implementations, the solution can be easily adapted to a changing business environment and therefore requires minimal effort. In addition to the calculation of predefined report packages, the system also allows the creation of user-defined reports, validation rules and report calculation formulas. Any changes in the reporting packages introduced by the supervisory authorities (EBA, central banks, etc.), either in terms of visual layout, validation rules or data exchange format, are continuously analysed, integrated into the CMR system and then delivered to the users.

  • Complexity and functionality: Support of the entire reporting process, starting with the acquisition of data from different source systems and ending with the presentation of the results in the form and layout required by the regulatory authorities. Can be extended with plug-ins and other Asseco modules.
  • Efficiency: powerful calculation module for reports. Analytical functions. Manual adjustments. Drill-downs. Reports in regulatory authority layout. The reporting process is simple and well organised.
  • Integration: configured to work with MIS and RMS. Multiple data sources possible
  • The system fully supports reporting packages: European ITS reporting (EBA), Polish reporting, Czech reporting, Slovakian reporting
  • MIS – primary source for reporting, RMS – RWA calculations, risk parameters according to Basel III, extension modules, CCR – supports the consolidation process in the group, MM – additional modules for souce data operations: Data viewer, data editor, data analyser, data quality
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