Data Warehouse

Today, companies have large amounts of data at their disposal that can be organised, easily accessed and processed to enable them to make informed decisions. This is where the real value of Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and data warehouses lies – up-to-date, high-quality data that provides you with information and helps you to make tactical and strategic decisions and optimise business processes and procedures.

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Data Warehouse


Data Warehouse enables the collection and integration of decentralised data as well as its processing and storage in strategically arranged company areas. It gives its users access to organisational data and supports them in the creation of ad hoc reports and complex analyses. The system has an integrated business data model that ensures the consistency and transparency of the entire reporting process. The integrated control mechanisms improve the quality of the data and support data management. The system provides a set of flexible tools that allow users in the company to modify and further develop the solution.

Main features
  • Business Data Model: The data relating to the organisation’s business processes are presented in a transparent and orderly manner, which facilitates their understanding and reporting.
  • Open architecture: Ability to adapt the model to the customer’s specific needs and provide the necessary tools to enable independent development of the solution in the future
  • Tools for business users: Providing metadata management tools for business users – defining transformation rules for enterprises, managing data quality rules, reporting tools
  • Use of advanced ETL tools that enable the integration of data from different sources, including unstructured data.
  • Empowering the customer’s development teams to improve the solution
  • Automation of processes: Automatic data entry and report generation, minimising the effort required to complete the task
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