Fraud Detection System

Use the adesso banking solution in order to avoid risks of external and internal dangers regarding criminal acts. We offer you the possibility to detect internal and operational fraud (products and transactions) as well as fraud in remote channels and credit.

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FDS ensures the implementation of preventive and detection measures for the early recognition of signs indicating the possibility of fraud. The automation of FDS detection processes makes it possible to increase the operational efficiency of an organisation while reducing the involvement of employees. Anti-fraud units can therefore concentrate on an in-depth analysis of the cases selected by the system. The solution can be implemented as a tool covering all operational areas of the organisation exposed to fraud, or as a solution dedicated to a specific area. The advantage of implementing a comprehensive solution is to correlate customer data from different sources.

Main features
  • Credit fraud, operational fraud, digital banking, internal fraud
  • Limiting financial losses
  • Rapid identification of signs indicating the possibility of fraud
  • Rapid adaptation of detection rules to changing trends
  • Cross-channel and cross-product view of the customer
  • Efficient allocation of the organisation’s resources
  • Flexible rule management, creation of statistical profiles, automatic generation of alerts, detection of suspicious activity
  • Integrated case management module
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