General Ledger

A modern and secure accounting system is an important tool for any bank. Use the adesso banking solution to automatically transfer accounting entries from transaction systems to your general ledger.

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Asseco General Ledger is a central repository for accounting information. It collects accounting entries of business transactions processed in all banking systems. The balances of the accounts are available for reporting at analytical and synthetic level. GL supports international regulations, e.g. IAS, US GAAP, SOX, IFRS. It provides an API interface that enables automatic addressing of postings, which facilitates integration with customer transaction and materials management systems.

Main features
  • Hierarchical structure of the chart of accounts (the chart of accounts has a tree-like structure which allows a multi-level aggregation of account transactions and balances)
  • Fully automated processing of accounting entries (efficient mechanism for registering multi-entry accounting notes, limitation of the number of manual entries by the mechanism of recurrent entries, which are carried out according to a fixed timetable)
  • Built-in mandatory reports (easily accessible reports required by the Accounting Act: inventory of accounts, journal of documents, daily/monthly records of turnover and balance sheets)
  • Exchange rate differences (daily calculation of FX differences on foreign currency position accounts)
  • Treatment of profit and cost centres (automatic assignment of postings in the registers of profit and cost centres)
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