International Tax Reporting

Use the adesso banking solution for the automatic generation of periodic reports to meet tax requirements. The flexibility of the tool and the adaptation of the system to the individual needs of the institutions facilitates and automates the reporting process, which simplifies the implementation in the company and consequently reduces the costs for process handling.

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International Tax Reporting
Dedicated data memory
Tax ordinance


ITR is a solution that enables financial institutions to comply with the legal requirements regarding the exchange of tax information between countries. It enables the rapid identification, storage and analysis of data on all accounts subject to the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and the Common Reporting Standard (CRS). On the basis of the stored information, the tool produces a report that is crucial for tax purposes. ITR is a system included in the Asseco Integrated Analytical Platform (Asseco IAP), which enables efficient management of compliance processes. Asseco IAP significantly limits the possibility of internal and external threats arising from criminal activities. It also ensures the compatibility of the activities of institutions with the applicable legal standards.

Main features
  • Effective verification of the data: The process of qualifying client accounts for reporting is based on data from external systems that contain basic information about the client, its accounts and relationships with other entities. The solution also uses additional data stored by the employee during the analyses and registered at the application level.
  • Automation of processes: ITR ensures access to a dedicated data repository, which is subject to automatic checks based on operational rules. Its use allows the identification of premises indicating the client’s tax residence. The system automatically creates the case for the client who should be qualified for further analysis.
  • Efficient reporting system: The solution ensures the ability to generate reports in accordance with FATCA and CRS requirements. In the trial version, reports can be generated, which allows further verification of the data and can be corrected in case of identified deviations.
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