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Use the adesso banking solutions with their more than 900 interfaces for easy integration. We offer you full flexibility in card management, for example.

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The Open Banking API platform combines market leading open source technology for API management, gateway and metrics with bank-specific security features and models. It provides a common place for API sharing, flexibility in developing new API services and API packages, a high level of security and a modern gateway to the Fintech ecosystem. Open Banking API supports banks worldwide to disclose their core banking systems and to connect all channels digitally, i.e. to provide services such as online banking via REST APIs to third party providers. Our out-of-the-box software includes all security features from consent to reporting and provides scalable, reusable data integration for partners. OBA makes traditional banking systems available through open APIs for use by digital partners.

Main features
  • Automatic partner onboarding (manual acceptance), management of partner users
  • Management of packages of APIs, sharing of selected APIs, endpoint configuration, partner event logs
  • Configuration of partner cancellation, partner dashboard, partner access rights to API management
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA), API security management (OAuth2), API filtering (based on access rights), automatic invalid authorisation notification,
    PSD2 API: complete set of API functions with add/change options (Compliance, Premium, Additional) Support in documentation creation, API versioning
  • Real-time traffic analysis, audit logs of requests and responses, monitoring and automatic alerts (performance and security issues, SLA commitments)
  • Reports on API usage by partners (could be used for partner billing)
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