Client Onboarding

Customers are now more willing to change banks if their current bank does not meet their needs. Unsatisfied customers break off the registration process and decide to buy a competitor’s product. Often, rapid implementation of customer requirements fails due to historically grown organisational structures or limiting IT systems. Onboarding should be possible from a PC as well as from mobile devices.

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Webshop interfaces
KYC & AML check
State-of-the-art distribution channels
Request initiation via E-Shop
Third-party partner management


Seamless and secure onboarding that meets the customer’s current expectations and regulations. Optimise sales processes, generate greater product acceptance and improve retention levels. Start and end them on the same channel as they are offered, smoothly and in a very simple way. A high-end user experience right from the start. Onboarding Portal captures customer data, reviews customer documents, runs this data through KYC / AML checks, creates customer accounts and facilitates user acceptance. The solution also provides identity verification capabilities to ensure compliance with your customer’s KYC and AML regulations.

Main features
  • Immediate execution of the financial needs of a potential client
  • State-of-the-art distribution channel enabling the sale of banking products to customers
  • E-commerce interface and „next level“ Omnichannel functions
  • Landing Page Management: WordPress CMS tool for managing the portal / page, extensive content material, WYSIWSG interface
  • Process Plugin: Plugin for presentation of a dedicated OBP mini-application, initiation of processes defined in the workflow, reuse of processes from ABP / CBP (company / retail)
  • Components already used for integration into e-commerce
  • Request initiation directly from the partners‘ e-shops
  • Module for third-party partner management and parameterisation
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