Money never sleeps. Today, the electronic payment network covers the whole world and is active around the clock. Regardless of whether a transaction takes place in a traditional shop or in a virtual space, customers, companies and banks expect a payment to be processed quickly and securely. Discover the adesso banking solution for traditional and electronic commerce as well as for the management of payments, ATMs and automatic transaction systems.

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Straight-through processing
RTGS payments
Peer-to-Peer transactions
National and international payments
Mobile Payment


The payment hub system ensures the central processing of customer payments. It enables the harmonisation of payment settlements and provides an efficient interface between the bank and various clearing houses. Asseco Payments offers the possibility to carry out bilateral settlements between banks as well as internal settlements without having to involve external clearing houses. Asseco Payments offers all necessary solutions for straight-through processing of all types of payments, in particular RTGS payments, clearing session payments and modern peer-to-peer transactions.

Main features
  • Support for different types of domestic and cross-border payments
  • Conversion of the business data given on the order for any kind of payment
  • Straight-through processing of orders across the entire system
  • Automatic selection and charging of fees for the processing of payment orders
  • Easily configurable internal routing of interbank transfers
  • Flexible definition of user access rights: Advanced management of user authorisations with the option of restricting access at business object level
  • Archiving of business data: After the retention period has expired, the payment message data is transferred to an archive database.
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