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A solution for the complete management of product design – from its initiation to its completion. Use the adesso banking solution with its integrated credit assessment system, configurable spreading functions and automated interest letters for faster processing of your orders.

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Product Design (PO) is a module that supports the omnichannel processes involved in selling banking products. It is responsible for ensuring that the products offered are in line with the Bank’s offer and that the product allocation process is carried out in compliance with all requirements (both external regulations and the Bank’s internal policy). PO is an intermediate component between the sales systems and the central system, which is responsible for preparing the customer offer. It supports the product sales process at all stages and in all channels – it ensures the uniformity of the Bank’s offer, particularly with regard to credit decisions: in the phase of identifying the customer’s needs, it supports the simulation of product parameters; it accepts an application from the sales system – it carries out obligatory validations, checks and analyses enabling the preparation of a binding offer to the customer; if necessary, the PO carries out the process of accepting the offer (for credit products: decision-making process). The rules of product allocation, verification, analysis and decision are based on internal rules, parameters and decision tables – which allows easy modification.

  • Directly integrated with CB back-end systems and ABP as process workflow front-end
  • Management of the product development process (pre-qualification, loan application, application processing, risk assessment, loan decision, loan completion)
  • The integration with a credit assessment system, configurable spreading functions and automated interest letters enables orders to be processed quickly
  • Supports the lending process at the product level, making it easier to differentiate and control the process for different loan types and sizes
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