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Discover the adesso banking solution for the management and calculation of capital requirements according to the regulations of Basel III. It enables the use of standardised and advanced approaches to risk monitoring, thus ensuring a more accurate identification of corporate risks.

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Basel III
Risk management
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The RM system for financial, risk and regulatory reporting is a best-in-class integrated compliance and reporting solution package that combines a single source of financial, risk and regulatory reporting data enriched with value-added content from our in-house experts. RMS provides a data-driven approach to the implementation of the Basel II and Basel III Capital Accord and Capital Requirements Directive (CRD) for all three credit risk approaches: standardised internal ratings-based (IRB) basis and IRB Advanced. RM facilitates regulatory compliance by providing a standard workflow for calculating regulatory capital for credit risk (CVA) in a data-driven, configurable and extensible manner.

Main features
  • The EU regulatory reports are based on EBA templates. Supported reporting frameworks (including COREP, FINREP, Asset Encumbrance (AE), Funding Plan (FP) and Supervisory Benchmark Portfolio (SPB). The COREP – own funds credit risk, CVA and LE reporting templates are fully integrated into the Pillar 1 calculations)
  • Internal risk management report templates and historical comparison reports
  • Regulatory reports are forwarded by internal approvers
  • Credit RWA: Banking book and securitisation (covering all asset classes under standardised or internal ratings based (IRB) approaches, including additional support for: standardised approach: covered bonds, treatment for EEA members; IRB approach: large FI/unregulated FI, correlation (R) multiplier)
  • Large exposures (reporting of large exposures on the basis of templates provided by the European Banking Authority (EBA); large exposure capital requirement where the large exposure threshold is exceeded).
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